Few people alive today have weathered a moment as stressful as the present. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into chaos. There’s no other way to put it. If you are feeling more anxious than normal, you are not alone. For chronic sufferers of anxiety, this time is especially challenging. Hopefully, the following steps assist in providing some measure of peace amidst all the uncertainty.

Regulate your media consumption.

The news about coronavirus is scary. Yes, it is important to stay informed but equally important to limit your reading to essential matters and not be caught by the temptation to binge on panic-stoking media. Aim to use Facebook only to stay connected with loved ones. Avoid scrolling to the bottom of your news feed and being lured by clickbait headlines.

If you feel as if your anxiety is escalating to an unmanageable level, remember that helplines have been set up nation-wide to help mitigate the mental health crisis accompanying the pandemic we are facing.

Avoid obsessive precaution.

Yes, wash your hands often but not excessively. Those that suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) may find it especially difficult to see so many people act in ways associated with being ill. After trying hard to avoid compulsive behaviors, it can be triggering to be told to sanitize repeatedly or avoid touching certain objects. Sticking to rigid guidelines can help mitigate this added stress. In addition, it is helpful to institute self-check-ins. Each time you wash your hands, say, ask if you are doing so for a reason our out of compulsive ritual.

Nurture connections with other people.

Check in regularly on the people you care about. As more of us are forced into isolation, maintaining relationships over digital platforms becomes increasingly important. Set regular check-in times with those close and get into the habit of writing to friends throughout the day. Implement specific times to do so such that your day gains structure. Varying your activities helps stave off the sluggish impulses provoked by quarantine.

Employ foresight.

Weeks, if not months of social distancing and isolation are ahead of us. If you sense that anxiety is driving you toward a mental health crisis, be proactive and seek care now. Many clinics will allow you to contact your family doctor over the phone such that you may seek advice or have necessary medicine prescribed without needing to leave the house.

If your mental health concerns are more urgent and you find yourself entertaining thoughts of self-harm, contact a helpline immediately. If you are not yet in crisis but worry that your current regimen may not be enough to sustain the added stress of the present moment, ask your family doctor about the potential lifesaving benefits ketamine infusion therapy has shown for those suffering from treatment resistant depression.

If you make it through this moment alive and healthy, that is plenty. Anything else you might achieve is extra.    

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