When we speak about depression and anxiety, a serious mental health disorder should come to mind. However, so many adults chalk off depressive symptoms as nothing more than a bout of sadness, never seeking treatment for these potentially fatal diseases. The prominence of depression and anxiety in society is on the rise, with anxiety affecting about 6.8 million adults, and depression negatively influencing about 40 million adults. Yes, these numbers are quite high, and it’s not uncommon for a person to suffer from both conditions simultaneously. All this being said, there are currently a wide array of treatment options available for those who need help…one of which is ketamine infusions.

Ketamine has been around for many decades, earning FDA approval as a dissociative anesthetic back in the 1970s. In addition to its usefulness in surgery, ketamine is also a powerful analgesic for acute pain, and a valuable medication for veterinarians. Over the past 20 years, however, medical professionals have realized that ketamine has amazing potential to treat mental health disorders, such as treatment-resistant depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, and more. By the early 2000s, private label ketamine clinics began opening their doors across the country, and today, ketamine is known as one of the most effective antidepressants available. There are multiple success stories, research studies, and evidence to support the use of ketamine for depression.

For example, take the case of a writer who suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts for most of her life. At the age of six, her corrupted self-image began to creep in and take hold of her subconscious mind. Although she sought medical treatment as a young adult—and was prescribed several different antidepressants—nothing seemed to alleviate her depressive symptoms. Even through her talent as a writer, she could never fully explain the anguish of living with a mental health disorder.

One day, it was all too much to bear, and she drove herself straight to the emergency room, afraid that she was at risk of committing suicide. She remembered an article in the New York Times about ketamine and the clinics that were popping up all around the U.S. Willing to try anything, ketamine treatments seemed a logical next step. She spoke with her doctor, received a referral and set off for one last effort to find relief.

On the day of her first infusion, the nurse told her to relax as she slowly slipped into a state that felt somewhere in between sleeping and conscious.

“My inner dialogue became a stream of consciousness, revealing what seemed at the time to be profound universal truths. I can’t live my life waiting around for a miracle. If I want change, I have to make it happen. There is no one meaning of life. It’s up to me to define what gives me joy and what goals I work toward.”

These thoughts and realizations became internalized. After her initial series of infusions, she began to feel a small bit of joy re-enter her life. She gained the confidence she needed to face whatever adversities presented themselves along the way. She came to accept that, yes, life can be hard. But it is always worth living.

Read more about this woman’s experience with ketamine infusions here: https://thebolditalic.com/tripping-my-way-toward-wellness-one-ketamine-infusion-at-a-time-a6d54906ec35

As one of the leading ketamine clinics in Mississippi, we love reading about these life-changing experiences. We see every day how ketamine infusions can turn on the light in even the darkest of lives. Our patients experience rapid relief from their depressive symptoms, and go on to enjoy their lives once again. That’s why we do what we do: we want to spread hope to as many people as possible.

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