Not everyone has an extra bounce in their step during the holiday season. In fact, holiday depression is about as common as Christmas carols and affects more people than you might see waiting in line outside of a popular department store on Black Friday.

The holidays trigger sadness in people for many reasons: financial strain, the stress of gift-giving, strained family relationships, grieving lost loves ones, cold weather, gray skies…or a little bit of all-of-the-above. There is no one cause for seasonal sadness—but it’s okay to feel sad. In fact, holiday sadness has been recognized as a common occurrence since the New York Times published an article about it back in 1985.

As common as it is, however, seasonal sadness is nothing to turn a blind eye to. The most important thing to do is determine whether you are suffering from a bout of holiday depression or a more long-term case of clinical depression. If you are confident that your sadness is triggered by the less-than-merry holiday season, the best way to treat your depression would be to identify triggers and focus on activities that have made you happy in the past. For example, if you feel lonely during the holiday season, plan a dinner party for your friends! If you feel overextended financially, draft up a budget and try to focus on the giving spirit of the season through volunteer work, and by giving thoughtful, homemade gifts (who doesn’t love a plate of cookies?) instead of spending a fortune at the local mall.

Clinical depression is a different story. If your depression started before the holidays, or is something that has been ongoing for an extended period of time, the intervention of a healthcare professional is highly recommended. Long-term depression can make a long-lasting impact on overall health and wellness. Talk to your primary care provider about your symptoms to find out if talk therapy, antidepressants, or even ketamine infusions could help. The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll be able to get back to feeling like you again.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for many. Accepting that the holidays make you sad—and making a conscious effort to engage in self-care—can make a big difference in your disposition during this time of year.

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